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We streamline business processes with proven low code / no code technology

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Our Vision

We believe that there are almost no business challenges that are so unique that they require custom software development. We blend off-the-shelf products that are right for your business. Blue Robot offers deep expertise across leading business automation technologies to help you save time & cost in order to gain a competitive edge.

Brief Us

Tell us about your business challenge & we'll get in touch for a free consultation.

We believe that when heart and soul meets technology, great things happen.

Our smart humans craft technology solutions with care and thought for the humans that will use them. There is no shortage of technology out there. No product solves your business needs out of the box. We offer access to bright minds and specialists to help your business maximise its investment in technology to achieve remarkable results.

Here are a few reasons to work with Blue Robot IO's Low Code / No Code specialist team.

Rapid Deployment

Leverage our experts to solve your business needs rapidly. Realise returns on your software investment faster by working with a team of experts.

Certified Specialists

Work with trusted, certified specialists that know the full depth and breadth of the platform capabilities you are deploying. You also have the more cost effective option to work with a verified freelancer and have Blue Robot IO's team sign off on the work.

Complete Audit

Blue Robot Audit's its work and gives you assurances that you have a robust, secure solution in place. We'll give you peace of mind that there are no data leaks, that all users are verified and that you solution is GDPR compliant.


Let us help you maintain momentum by maintaining your software automation installations.

Cost Analysis

There is an array of productivity and automation solutions out there. Does your business fully understand the true cost of ongoing license fees and maintenance? We can help understand your investment in advance.

Monitor Investment

We can help you track your invesment, usage levels of installed automation licenses, and help you understand the ongoing cost benefits.

Discover our platforms.

We work with most business automation & productivity tools but we definitely have our preferred technologies that are tried & trusted.